Organizations succeed when they plan. Pozek Consulting can work with you to develop a clear roadmap to guide your efforts, inspire your team, and engage your stakeholders.

We can help you forge a shared vision through strategy consultation, including:

  • Retreat Facilitation
    Facilitating advisory counsels,  board meetings, and leadership retreats
  • Strategic Plan Development
    Helping you to lay out a plan for reaching your organization’s vision for the future
  • Mergers &  Alliances
    Guiding you in merging or aligning boards, leadership, staff, departments, programs, and missions


Transformation is not just about hiring new staff, investing in technology or rolling out new initiatives. It is also about cultivating talent, building capacity, and examining the way in which your organization operates at every level.

We can help you stay relevant through transformation consultation, including:

  • Brand Extension & Content Strategy
    Helping you identify new platforms for growth and leverage these channels to tell your organization’s story.
  • Process Modeling & Culture Change
    Creating a culture of innovation, developing future-oriented, mindsets and designing workflows for your team to seize new opportunities
  • Capabilities & Talent Development
    Cultivating your team to think strategically about new opportunities for growth and building digital proficiencies within your organization


Evaluation can help you measure the impact of past projects and advocate for future initiatives. It helps you articulate and share the successes of your efforts and identify opportunities for improvements.

We can help you capture metrics and drive continuous improvement through Evaluation & Assessment consultation, including:

  • Environmental Scan & Benchmarking
    Assessing best practices, strengths, areas of opportunity, and potential threats
  • Program Evaluation
    Creating custom evaluation tools that capture insights from your key stakeholders and measure your organization’s impact
  • Ongoing Impact Assessment
    Helping you to identify your key performance indicators and develop dashboards to monitor your success metrics